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Credit Scores

As many consumers understand, your credit score plays an important part in everyday life. It will determine whether you will be approved for loans, mortgages or credit cards. Those three numbers alone can cost you thousands of dollars over the course of your life or save you nearly that much. For this reason, it is critical to keep track of your credit score. When you know what your rating is and how to improve credit score, you are able to make on time payments, save money and enjoy other financial advantages.

There are a number of different credit reports from which you can choose. You need to check all of them at least annually to keep up on your credit score. The three major tradelines are Equifax, Trans Union and Experian. Below is an overview of the tradelines.

Your credit report contains information from the reports you filed when you applied for credit, secured loans and other types of accounts. The three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Trans Union and Experian, share your information among themselves. When you apply for credit, it creates a record on your credit score. The more times you are declined, the lower your credit score becomes. A low credit score makes it difficult to obtain a mortgage, car loan or even rent an apartment.

FICO, A+ and Millenium are the three tradelines you will need to access when you want to look at your credit scores. Each credit reporting agency provides you with a different credit score. Your FICO score is calculated based on your payment history, financial history and other factors. The A+ rating is determined by your payment history and total debt relative to how much you owe, along with the amount owed on other secured debts such as car loans. Finally, the Millenium rating is made based on your credit history with credit cards and other unsecured debts.

Because FICO and A+ credit scores are calculated differently, they will give you different credit scores when you are declined. If you have credit cards or other debt with high balances, you may be declined for credit. You will need to review your credit report for any mistakes. You can dispute mistakes in your credit report, but if you do not get the changes you want, you should contact the credit bureau involved.

There are steps you can take to improve your FICO score quickly, but it is important to remember that credit repair does not stop at the highest level of your FICO score. Credit history remains an important part of evaluating whether or not you are credit worthy. If you have good credit history, lenders will feel more comfortable offering you credit. However, if your credit history is less than stellar, you may be declined credit.


If you find errors on your credit report, you need to notify the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus are required to investigate the items you report within a reasonable time. After they have investigated, they will ask you to dispute the item, correct the error, and notify the credit bureaus as soon as possible. You need to make sure to keep all receipts and proof that you paid for the corrected item.

In conclusion, I’ve given you three effective ways you can buy tradelines that improve your personal credit score fast. You need to keep an eye on your credit report, dispute inaccurate items, and keep paying your bills on time. I highly recommend you review your credit report and take action. Good luck!

The best way to improve your credit score is to have a positive credit history with authorized users. How do you accomplish this? You sign up for a credit score monitoring service that keeps track of your credit score for you. These services will send you an email when a new transaction is made so that you are aware of it.

Your credit score will improve the most when you mix credit score with social security number and other personal information. This can be accomplished by opening a checking and savings account with the same financial institutions where you conduct your business. It is also important to pay your bills on time because even one late payment becomes a negative impact on your tradelines. When you open a separate credit account for your business, make sure you use the same financial institution as your primary user. With this combination, it will be easier for you to access tradelines with the same privileges.

Another way to improve your credit score is to monitor your spending habits. Know how much you spend on your purchases and on your installment and your credit utilization ratio. The ratio is the amount of credit used to repay the amount of actual credit used. If you have a high tradeline utilization ratio, it may take you more than five years to reach the top of the trading line. To avoid getting in this situation, it is advisable to first establish yourself in the market and then gradually work your way up the racing ladder.

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What Is FICO Score 8?

FICO Score 8 is an updated version of the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score many of us are accustomed to. This score makes some adjustments and is used extensively by Experian in particular. The program offered at does focus on improving this score. The score is less forgiving of high credit card balances but more forgiving of the occasional late payment.